We live in an era where everything is advertised as being “naturally sourced”. Organic has become a byword for premium, but what does that really mean in practice? With manufacturers such as Aveda utilising primarily natural ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners, we thought it was time to take a look at the very real benefits that can be obtained from choosing organic hair care products.

Fewer Harsh Chemicals

Switching the synthetic for the natural means that your hair product is likely to be far less harsh. This means decreased chance of eye or skin irritation, making your showering experience far more pleasant! Naturally-sourced hair products are also less likely to impact on your hair’s ability to produce its own shine and gloss, as they don’t strip the natural lubricants produced by your body.

Better Long Term Hair Care

Your hair naturally regenerates itself, regenerating follicle cells to ensure long-term sustained growth. Naturally sourced hair products don’t impact on this process, and actually can assist with it, performing a similar job to synthetic products but without any risk to your hair’s long-term survivability.

Reduced Build Up

One potential side-effect of synthetic hair care products, is the potential for build-up of the chemicals in your hair. Whilst not necessary causing any direct damage, this can mean that no external moisture can enter your hair, meaning it can’t replenish itself. Natural ingredients tend to break down far quicker than their synthetic equivalents, meaning that your hair is less likely to become “clogged” with product.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the advantages that natural hair products bestow on your hair and body, they are also far better for the environment. Synthetic ingredients tend to biodegrade slowly, having a negative environmental impact. When you use a naturally sourced shampoo, such as Aveda’s Shampure, you can rest assured that your soft and luscious hair isn’t happening at the planet’s expense.

Better for the Body

Whenever you use any kind of hair care product, some of the chemicals are going to be absorbed by the skin. This is going to happen regardless of whether you use synthetic or natural products, however, the body tends to handle organic cleansing products far more efficiently, leading to positive impact on your health. The body will struggle to process synthetic products, and chemical build up is a possibility with long term use.

Why not take a look at our range of Aveda shampoos, conditioners and styling products? Featuring 95% naturally-sourced ingredients, they provide fantastic looking hair whilst being kind to your body and the environment.