Giving your hair the love and attention it deserves can be a confusing process. There are just so many tools and treatments available that it can be impossible to tell exactly what you need to create amazing styles.

Fortunately, we have years of hairstyling knowledge, and have come up with the essential hair toolkit. This is a list of all the products and tools you need to ensure your hair is healthy and glamorous every single day.


It’s always worth investing in a decent shampoo. Given how frequently you wash your hair, do you prefer the idea of using a nourishing, naturally sourced formula, or something thrown together with the cheapest materials on the market? Obviously, you need to treat your hair right, and make sure the shampoo you select is going to restore your hair instead of slowly ruining it. We recommend Color Wow Color Security Shampoo or Aveda Brilliant Shampoo.


A decent conditioner makes all the difference to the sheen and quality of your hair. If you go without conditioner, your hair will become lifeless and hard to manage. However, a good quality conditioner will make your hair soft and radiant. We recommend Color Wow Color Security Conditioner, which has the added benefit of locking in hair colourant.

Heat Protect Spray

This is absolutely essential if you’re going to be working with a styler – which you will, as it’s one of the items on the list. Heat protect spray will protect against everyday heat sources, but its most important characteristic is the protection it offers while straightening and curling your hair. We recommend GHD Heat Protect spray, as it works well with other styling products.


If you want the freedom to create any look you can imagine, you will need a set of stylers. We’ve covered the factors you need to consider when purchasing a styler in a previous blog article, but to summarise: The better quality styling irons are simply worth the extra over cheaper brands, trust us we use them every day in our salons..We know that if any item on the list warrants extra investment, it is the styler. We recommend the GHD Platinum, because it’s probably one of the best straighteners ever designed, but the entire GHD range is of an extremely high quality and worth browsing.


Drying your hair isn’t only a way to save time. It adds volume and bounce to your hair, giving it that extra lift that can take your look to the next level. You should blow dry your hair on a cool setting, as this won’t affect any product you have in. We recommend the GHD Air – a fantastic, versatile hairdryer that feels like a joy to use.

This toolkit provides all the essentials you need to create fabulous styles and keep your hair healthy. However, there are far more items that it’s worth supplementing your collection with as time goes on. A high-quality round brush, a wide-tooth comb and a hand mirror are three things that instantly come to mind! If you’d like to discuss what products are perfect for your specific hair type, give us a call on 01606 330 866 or email