You’ve just finished colouring your hair. Your sink and shower are a bit of a red/blonde/purple mess, but the results are more than you could have hoped for. This is the colour you dreamed of, that expresses you perfectly as a person.

Fast forward to two weeks later, and your hair isn’t looking quite as fabulous. In fact, it’s looking quite dry and dusty. You, dear reader, have failed to take the time to care for your new look. Many people forget that colouring your hair is not a one-stage process. You need to ensure you take the steps to keep that colour, and make sure your hair stays healthy. In this article, we outline our tips for long-term hair care following the colouring process.

Use a High Quality Colourant

If you’re already admiring your new neon-green bob then we may have arrived to the party a little late, but nevertheless, research is key. Ensure you use a high-quality colourant on your hair, and it’s far more likely to last the test of time. If you’re unsure what to look for, shoot us an email and our experienced hair consultants will be happy to advise.

Conditioner is Key

Whilst all of these steps are important, the most important is ensuring you use a high quality, colour-sympathetic conditioner, such as Color Wow Color Security Conditioner. Conditioners designed specifically for treated hair will make the colour last longer, whereas general conditioners won’t provide the same preservative qualities.

Wait before Shampooing

You need to wait at least two days after dyeing your hair before shampooing for the first time. Shampoo is a cleansing product, and if the colour hasn’t had time to set properly it will end up being cleansed out. You know when you see someone with part red, part mauve hair? That’s either a result of poor quality product or overenthusiastic shampooing.

When you do shampoo, choose wisely

Like conditioners, not all shampoos are created equally. When you start shampooing, make sure you use a shampoo formulated specifically for coloured hair. This will be less harsh on your new colour, and ensure it doesn’t fade. We highly recommend Color Wow’s excellent Color Security Shampoo.

On Styling

If your hair is newly coloured and you want to run a styler through it, ensure you invest in a heat protect spray, otherwise the styler will end up damaging the hair, no matter how good it is. GHD Heat Protect Spray is great for this purpose, and works well with other styling products. When it comes to a styler, you can’t go wrong with the new GHD Platinum. It is pretty much the best styler that’s ever been released, after all.

If you follow these steps, your hair will retain its gorgeous new colour far longer than you might expect. If you have any questions about which products are best for your hair, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or call on 01606 330 866.