To celebrate our current great offers on selected GHD Stylers, we thought we’d take a look at exactly what constitutes a great hair straightener, and examine exactly which models will suit your hair type.


The Plates

The key to a straightener’s quality is the type of plates used. Straighteners at the lower end of the quality spectrum will tend to use metal or glass plates, and we strongly advise you to avoid these. They tend to heat unevenly, meaning that at best they are going to style your hair poorly, and at worst they may actually cause damage.

Ceramic plates are generally considered to be superior in the industry. They heat up evenly, and the nature of ceramic also gives your hair a lustrous shine. The majority of high-quality straighteners will utilise ceramic plates.

Titanium plates are also indicative of a high quality straightener. Titanium has similar advantages to ceramic, but has the added benefit of being extremely light. This makes it perfect for attempting more advanced styles that involve a great deal of time and attention.

Finally, Tourmaline plates are becoming increasingly popular. Tourmaline is a gemstone with unusual qualities which allow it to essentially heat hair from the inside out. This means that less heat overall is applied to the hair, greatly reducing the risk of damage.



The perfect size of straightener is pretty much dependent on your preferred hair style. Narrow irons are ideal for shorter hair, and are perfect for styling fringes and spikes. They are also very useful if you have naturally straight hair, and intend on using an iron to add some shine to your locks. Wider plates of two to three inches are generally better for longer hair.



The optimal heat for styling is generally considered to by 185oC. However, this can be affected by your hair type. If your hair has a history of being easily damaged, or is naturally fine, you may be best going for a straightener that heats at about 180oC. Conversely, if you have extremely thick hair or tight curls, a higher temperature of 190oC may be better. If in doubt, go for a set of straighteners with adjustable temperature. Alternatively, all GHD hair straighteners automatically adjust for optimum styling results at slightly lower temperatures, thus being kinder to your hair.

These are the key elements of a high quality straightener. Of course, with so many models on the market, it can still be difficult to know which model will be perfect for your hair type. If you’re still in doubt, why not drop us an email at, and we can advise you as to which straightener will best for you.

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