Here at Quartz Hair and Beauty, we’ve recently been very impressed by the new GHD Gold Series V styler kits that are now available to purchase from our website. The kits contain some excellent extra accessories to make your morning hair care routine easier than ever. However, this got us thinking: what exactly is a good morning hair care routine? We decided to put this guide together, which begins at the moment you stumble bleary-eyed from your bed, to the point you strut from your house surrounded by a halo of luxurious, bouncy curls.

Create a hair care calendar

Your hair is completely unique, and how frequently you wash it depends largely on its qualities. You may be one of those lucky people who can go up to three days without needing to wash your hair, or you may need to do it daily. The only way to really gauge this is to check how oily your hair feels each morning, and work out how often you need to be washing it.


Use a high-quality shampoo with proven results. Aveda have many fantastic products available for all hair types and have the added benefit of being naturally sourced, whilst Neal and Wolf’s Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo is also an effective, sophisticated option.


Conditioning keeps your hair healthy and moisturised throughout the day, and has the added benefit of making it easier to manage. We stock some of the most incredible conditioners available, from Moroccanoil’s intelligent, restorative range to Aveda’s diverse organic offering. How often you should condition depends largely on the sort of treatments you’ve recently performed on your hair. For example, if you tend to go for extreme colour changes every few weeks, you’re definitely going to need to condition more often than someone who still has their natural shade.


The best and safest way to dry your hair is to blot-dry it with a towel. However, the practicalities of life often don’t allow time for this, at which point there is no choice but to blow-dry. Use a heat protection product, such as the GHD Heat Protect Spray which comes as part of the GHD Gold Series V kits.


We’ve discussed this subject in detail on this blog, but if you’re going to run a set of hot irons through your hair, you need to ensure that they are of a high quality and aren’t going to cause damage to your hair. Our entire GHD range fits this description quite nicely. Again, heat protection spray will be essential, and should be used on every layer of your hair prior to styling.

Hopefully, this has inspired you to reinvigorate your own morning hair care routine, and look your absolute, glamorous best every single day. If you need any advice about what products would be best for your hair, simply email us at, and we will be happy to assist.