We’ve all been there. You’ve showered, had your morning coffee, and set to work styling your hair into the radiant, shimmering curls your friends and colleagues are always complimenting you on. However, something is wrong. No matter what you do, your hair stubbornly returns to a pillow-shaped frizz. You’re having a bad hair day, and the consequences could be dire if you don’t do something quickly.

Fortunately, there are many tricks to make the most of a bad hair day, which will compensate for your hair’s sudden strike action and leave you looking just as great as ever. Here’s a collection of some of our favourite ways to overcome that bad hair day dilemma.

Hair Straighteners

One of the quickest way to tame your hair back into shape is a quick but careful run through with your styler. Remember, high quality stylers such as GHDs will always produce better results with less effort, and when you’re fighting a bad hair day you will certainly thank yourself for investing in a decent styler. Remember, always use GHD heat protect spray before attempting to straighten your hair: you want to solve the problem, not add to it.


On those days that your hair just refuses to behave no matter how much product or styling you subject it to, it may be worth using an accessory to bring everything together. A headband can be used on all hair types, and help you achieve some degree of control over your unruly locks. Hair grips and clips can also be useful in holding everything together.


Some formulas can rapidly bring your hair back to order and turn your bad hair day into a great hair day. Serum tends to be your best option in this instance, as it tends to be a little bit lighter than other product options, meaning your hair won’t look limp if you’re applying a little extra of it for damage control. We recommend the GHD smooth and finish serum.


One simple way to make your hair look fabulous in the face of morning frizz is to go for a hairstyle that eliminates it. Buns and French braids are both cute options which give your hair an extra degree of control. You never know, you might love these styles so much that you start to use them even when your hair is at its vibrant best.

You now have several options to help you through those days when your hair just won’t co-operate. However, the best way of avoiding bad hair days all together is to establish a consistent hair care routine that provides your hair with all the nutrients and care it requires to thrive.