One of the many advantages of working at Quartz is access to the many premium products that come through our doors. However, the one product the entire hair industry has been raving about is the GHD Platinum, and more specifically the sexy new pink variation. As you can imagine, when I got to spend a little time with glamorous Vintage Pink version of the GHD Platinum, I was understandably excited.

Removing the packaging, my first thought was “Wow”. The GHD Platinum Pink is one good-looking hair styler. It has lost none of the breathtaking elegance of its Black and White sisters, and really feels like a premium item.

The straightener is absolutely divine to use. The precision floating plates run through hair smoothly, and the ergonomic design of the styler makes it easy to style in comfortable, easy sweeps. Working with the GHD Platinum has been one of the most pleasant hair-related experiences I have ever had.

In terms of results, the GHD platinum is exceptional. The unique heating system added a level of lustre to my hair normally associated with excessive use of product. My hair just feels soft and nice after using the GHD platinum, and seems to retain a natural radiance.

The minimal effort involved in using the GHD Vintage Pink Platinum benefits your hair. The swift and efficient styling means you are unlikely to damage your hair through over-exposure to heat and the quality of the iron means you aren’t going to need to repeatedly straighten areas of your hair, further reducing any chance of damage. Even better, the product comes with a free GHD heat protect spray for additional peace of mind.

After a full week, my hair felt better than ever. The GHD Platinum is far and away the nicest styler I’ve ever tested. It’s also probably the best looking styler I’ve ever tried. If you care about your hair, I definitely recommend investing in this fantastic item.

Do you want to find out more about the GHD Platinum Vintage Pink? Our team of salon professionals will be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of this revolutionary styler, so give us a call on 01606 330 866 or email us at You can also buy the GHD Platinum Vintage Pink from us here.