The New Year is almost upon us, so we thought it would be nice to finish the year with a look at the hairstyles touted to be the defining fashion statements of 2015. Looking back at what was hitting the catwalks as part of the Spring collection previews last October, it seems that looser, casual styles are going to be all the rage. However, creating that artfully windswept look can be a challenge: if you’re aiming for a natural vibe, it’s all too easy end up with hair that says “careless” rather than “carefree”. In this article, we’ll go through some of the hot styles for next year, and give you some advice on how to best achieve them.


Braids were a very popular look during fashion week, and they’re likely to be big this coming Spring. For a true 2015 look, style the braid fairly loosely, allowing it to retain some of its natural bounce. For an interesting variation, try using your GHD Styler to give a sleek, straightened look to the end.

Low Ponytails

For a simple yet effective look, try a low ponytail. There are numerous plays on the ponytail to bring a little more of your personality to a classic look. Why not try adding a gentle wave with the assistance of a styler, or use some of our fantastic products to create a bohemian, chic look.

Air-Dried Texture

Another popular look to hit the catwalks in October was a rich, air-dried texture. Apply a little mousse, form loose braid, and allow your hair to air dry. When you release the braid, your hair will retain subtle waves, the epitome of natural beauty.

Coming-Undone Styles

A common look major beauty brands were unveiling as part of their Spring 2015 collection was a gently teased, “sensually dishevelled” style, utilising dry shampoo and volumising spray to create a youthful, carefree vibe. The GHD Curve is also fantastic for bringing out the best in this look quickly and easily. The coming-undone style works well with practically any of the other hairstyles outlined above: as long as your hair shouts out loose and natural, you are sure to be the very height of fashion in 2015.

Here at Quartz Hair and Beauty, we have everything you need to be at the height of glamour for the coming year. From prestige GHD stylers to naturally-sourced Aveda Shampoo, you can find everything you need right here. If you have any questions, why not contact us at, or on 01606 330 866.