Our complete daily hair care routine certainly generated a lot of feedback. Most of our respondents – thank you all – felt that the advice was useful, but could be a little tricky to fit into a busy lifestyle. While we tried to strip back the routine to its basics, your response got us thinking... If someone works all week, has an active social life and a full calendar, surely they have just as much a right to fantastic hair as everyone else?

With that in mind, we came up with our “workday hair routine”. This is designed to turn you from bedhead to bombshell within twenty minutes of extraction from the duvet, and give you perfect hair with minimal effort.

The Shower Trick

Not only will this leave your hair looking fabulous, it’ll give you a morning energy boost more powerful than the strongest espresso in your kitchen! As you finish showering, switch the temperature to “cold” for five to ten seconds and rinse your hair. This helps seal your hair, adding a smooth finish to your style.

Adding Product – Time Optimisation

Most hair product takes ten minutes to have maximum effect. Therefore, after you’ve added your GHD smooth and finish serum, put some coffee on or do your makeup. This means that when you start styling your hair, the product will be working at its absolute best.

The Hairdryer Rule

Firstly, we always recommend using a high quality hairdryer such as a GHD Air. Secondly, when using the hairdryer after adding product, please turn it onto the “cold” setting. This has two significant benefits – it will add greater texturing and volume to your hair, and more importantly won’t melt the product you’ve already used.


If you’re in a hurry in the morning, it makes sense to plan ahead. There are hundreds of glamorous five-minute hairstyles around, so get on the internet and do some research. We found a fantastic list at http://www.stylist.co.uk/beauty/quick-easy-hair-tutorials-five-minutes-mid-long-short-hair-styles-best#, but if you hunt around you can start to create a personal library of speedy hairstyles that suit you perfectly.


Nothing will speed up your wake-up hair routine faster than a decent pair of stylers. If looking amazing quickly is important to you, look no further than the GHD Platinum. This is designed specifically to create perfect results with minimal effort, and is well worth the investment.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how to quick-start your day and leave the house looking incredible with little time spent. If you need any advice on the products or techniques that are best for your unique hair type, email us at contact@quartzhairandbeauty.co.uk.